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Our technicians have been working in this industry for more than 20 years.

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Zhuzhou Zhonghang Technology Development Co., Ltd
Is established in 2005. We are dedicated to research, design, manufacture eddy current sensors, acceleration sensor,s velocity displacement sensors and other measurement instruments. Our technicians have been working in this industry for more than 15 years. Thanks to their long time hard working and profession, our products are in the highest level both in technology and quality. We are proud that we have provided lots of high quality products to industries including power system, iron and steel industry , petrochemical engineering, pharmacy, mine, aerospace and satellite.
Our company locates in Zhuzhou China, where is to the south of national industrial city Wuhan, and to the north of national economy frontier city Guangzhou. We have an advantage over  convenient traffic and technology development advantage. 
After years of hard work by our team, we are competitive in technology development, sales and manufacture. We study products from our competitors like Bently American and Schenck Germany to find out their merit and demerit to improve our products. Presently our research in interchange of eddy current sensors, high-temp. eddy current sensors is taking the lead in this industry.
After overcoming the disability of interchanging between probe and proximitor , now it is possible to interchange probe and proximitor of our products if they are the same type and specification. That is helpful in increasing efficiency and reducing cost.
After overcoming the disability of high power consumption and low integrity of traditional eddy current sensors, we are the only supplier to provide a small size, low consumption two-wire integrated/ split eddy current displacement sensor. Thread specification for integrated eddy current displacement sensor is M10Χ1. It is compatible with IN081、IN083、IN084、IN085 from Schenck Process GmbH.  Successful development of two-wire eddy current displacement sensor expands the application of eddy current displacement sensor in DCS system, interface with PLC, safety barrier and so on. 
In the past, the eddy current displacement sensor measurement range can only 1/2~1/4 of probe diameter. But now eddy current displacement sensor measurement range has be expanded. For instance, range of Ф8 probe has been expanded to 4mm, Ф5 to 2mm, Ф11 to 8mm, Ф25 to 20mm and Ф60 to 50mm .
Outside structure of proximitor has been improved to be compatible with that of Bently company. Low frequency transmission eddy current thickness sensor has been invented solely. It has special advantage in thickness measurement of metal board, material inspection, defect inspection like sand hole , crack, impurities, fatigue on or inside metal .
We take the lead in developing high-temp. eddy current sensor whose working probe temp. can reach 350℃ as well as current output type two-wire velocity sensor and three-wire acceleration sensor which makes operation of velocity sensor and acceleration sensor as easy as two-wire eddy current sensor.
Professors and scholars from high schools and institutes are retained as our consultant . They help us to develop smart instruments. We integrate CPLD,FPGA, high-speed single chip microcomputer technology and embedded system technology to develop lots of excellent  performance instruments.
 We focus on high efficient management and quality control. There forms a unique quality control and management system in production. We are honest and trust-worthy in business. ”Best of the Best” is out permanent persue.

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