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News: Our New Application for Utility Model Patent Is Successfully Approved

On Apr. 15th, 2011, our patent certificate for “ZA-ZDT02 low-frequency vibration calibrator” was awarded. Patent No. is ZL 2011 20111602.6

ZA-WT01 Multi-channel Digital Eddy Current Sensor Is Invented Successfully

Due to our aggressive innovation, we always take the lead in this industry. Our Technical Dept. successfully developed ZA-WT01 multi-channel digital eddy current sensor.

New Break-through : World’s First Embedded Eddy Current Displacement Sensor

After many years R & D, we finally resolve the problem that eddy current sensor probe is easily affected by metal nearby. We developed an embedded eddy current displacement sensor . In ZA21-Q embedded eddy current sensor, its head is completely embedded inside the metal shell so as to protect probes from damage caused by external forces.This technology greatly extends the lifespan of probes.

Large Scale Application of ZA-YD Series Super-low-frequency Vibration Sensor

Good news of our new product: ZA-YD series low-frequency piezoelectric, super-low-frequency vibration velocity/displacement sensors, which are firstly developed successfully by our engineers, now are applied in a large

News: A New Set of Low-frequency Vibration Calibrator Is Established

Due to the increasing need of low-frequency sensors, a new set of low- frequency vibration calibrator is purchased on Sept. 20th, 2007 in Zhuzhou Zhonghang Technology Development Co., Ltd..

Our New Pride : Eddy Current Displacement Sensor Linearity at 0.2% !

Hard work of our engineers finally paid off: Eddy current displacement sensor linearity at 0.2% is successfully developed . Currently two series of sensors with Ф8、Ф11 probes have completely satisfied this technical

Certificates of “ High-tech Enterprise” and “ High-tech Product”

In the beginning of 2008, we win certificates of “ High-tech Enterprise” and “ High-tech Product ” . The later award is issued for ZA series two-wire system eddy current displacement sensor/ transducer which has successfully passed the evaluation of Hunan Provincial Science Technology Department.

Newly Developed High-accuracy Calibrator

High-accuracy slide guide , high-accuracy wide-range double-way micrometer head structure is applied in ZA-BJZ high-accuracy static calibrator. This product is small in size and easy to carry. It can be used in static calibration of high-accuracy displacement sensor.

News: Our New Application for Utility Model Patent Is Successfully Approved

On June 3rd, 2009, our patent certificate for “super-high-temperature eddy current displacement sensor probe” was awarded. Patent No. is ZL 2008 2 0158511.6.

A New Type of Integrated Transducer with Connectors Is Invented

Our Technical Dept. successfully developed a new kind of integrated eddy current transducer with connectors ( specification ZA-GA-H ) in Sept. 2010,. Schenck IN085 can be replaced by this type. Up till now this type of product has been applied in many hydropower stations in and abroad.
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